What would you buy if you could save over 50% on your school’s phone bill?

As a School Business Manager, you’re probably an expert when it comes to cash-flow creativity! You’re all too accustomed to good funding news being followed by cuts to other budget lines. Pension contributions, national insurance payments, rising teachers’ pay… school budgets are more stretched than ever before.

And, naturally, expectations are higher than ever before too.

If only you had more money in the pot! What would you spend it on? Staff? Equipment? Textbooks?

Switching your telecoms provider could make this a reality. When switching to Dataphone, our customers have saved an average of 38% on line rental and 54% on calls.

If you had extra money in your budget, what would you spend it on? We asked teachers, senior leaders and school business managers what would be on their wishlist. Here’s what they said.

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A new member of staff

If your school hasn’t been affected by the national teacher shortage then you are incredibly lucky! Many schools are short staffed in at least one department, leading to overworked teachers, who become ill and end up costing you a fortune in supply.

Imagine if you could afford an additional cover supervisor to reduce the burden on the timetable and budget? Or an additional teaching assistant to give much needed support to statemented pupils?

Investment in the arts

Anyone who reads the news will be aware of arts funding cuts. Research has shown that investment in the arts has a positive impact on pupil outcomes in other subjects. The Education Endowment Foundation has found that investment in the arts can lead to improved results in English, maths and science.

With extra money in the pot, you could afford to pay for practical workshops, subsidised instrumental lessons or even trips to the theatre.

A breakfast club

Many pupils skip breakfast, making it harder for them to concentrate in the classroom, leading to a negative impact on results.

With additional money to spend, you could set up a subsidised breakfast club for pupils and staff. Similar initiatives in schools have improved attendance, behaviour and even academic outcomes.

By making the breakfast club free for teachers, you can staff the club at a low-cost, whilst creating a friendly environment where pupils can approach their teachers with questions about their learning.

What’s on your wishlist?

We’d love to know how you would invest in teaching and learning - please tell us in the comments section below!

If you would like to know more about how Dataphone can help you to redirect money from your telecoms and into teaching & learning, then please click here to get in touch.


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