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How comprehensive is your school's lockdown procedure?

Pupil safety is always a top priority. But with the current threat level in the UK at 'severe', it is especially pertinent. Teachers' Union NASUWT[...]

What we learnt at the Waltham Forest and Redbridge School Business and Office Managers Conference

Dataphone was delighted to attend the School Business and Office Managers Conference for Waltham Forest and Redbridge last week. 

How changing your school's telecoms provider could have a positive impact on teaching and learning.

What is the number one priority for any school? Its pupils. Whatever your role in your school, you are responsible in some way for the pupils. The[...]

What would you buy if you could save over 50% on your school’s phone bill?

As a School Business Manager, you’re probably an expert when it comes to cash-flow creativity! You’re all too accustomed to good funding news being[...]

Three times when it’s best to make a phone call

With the world of email at our fingertips, it is so easy to send a quick request or response, and then tick that point off your ‘to-do’ list and get on[...]

What can VoIP do for my school?

Your school has invested heavily in its network connection. Fast ethernet cables and wifi enable teachers and support staff to access the internet from[...]

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